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You're Engaged!


Here's some helpful planning tips to make your day glitch-free and minimize your stress!

Stay Organized

The more organized you are, the less chance there is that something will go wrong.Keep all your wedding information in it: receipts, contracts, ideas, dates, times, locations—everything.


Start Your Personalized Checklist

Once you determine your wedding date, create your personalized wedding checklist to figure out what your to-dos are on a month-by-month basis.


Set Aside Weekly Time to Plan

Choose a day or two during the week when you'll focus on wedding planning (or choose a time to do one or two things every day if you're pressed for time). It's also good to sit down together and plan. And when the planning gets tough, create your official wedding website! It's free and a fun thing to do if you can't look at any more cakes for the day.












Divide and Conquer i.e. Communicate!

This is the best way to get things done. You and your partner should both be involved every step of the way. Make a list of details to be taken care of, then divide the list in half and choose what you each want to do. It's good to over-communicate. Be sure that if you're sharing duties that you're also sharing the details!


Be Flexible and Fair

So, you really didn't want the ushers in tails and top hats. And maybe your partner doesn't want the wedding cake to be lemon with pecan icing. Each of you is going to want things that the other doesn't care for, but flexibility is a must. Be willing to bend.


Details, Contracts and Negotiations

When dealing with wedding professionals (caterers, florists and so on), be sure to clarify all the details and your expectations during the initial discussions. Make sure you get a contract specifically stating dates, times and locations, and spell everything out; it's not about being difficult, it's about paying for and receiving exactly what you want to make your day spectacular!



Happy Planning!

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