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Simple Pleasures

As 2016 gets under way I want to set some goals for my self this year...and the first one is this blog! I have tried to do a blog in the past but fell short with keeping up with it and forcing myself to post. This year I don't want to force myself to do anything. I'm not going to be unrealistic and say I'll blog every day, just when I feel it's right and needed. On that note, last year was a very successful year for my photography biz, but also at times chaotic. So while coming across another photographer I admire, Phil Chester, I really connected with one of his goals on his blog which was exactly what I want and have tried to put into words recently..."Personally I want to try and close the gap between what it means to shoot for a client and what it means to shoot for myself." That sentence is everything to me right now. This year I want to engage in my passion for myself. I want to shoot more for myself. Change my style for myself. Be better for myself. Living in a small town, it's easy to get caught up in what others think about you, want from you, expect from you. It's been a huge weight on my shoulders trying to be a successful business owner in such a competitive profession. You're constantly comparing yourself to the next person and think thats what people like or have come to know. I want to be liked, but for the right reasons. I want to feel good about my work and I want it to represent who I am - not what others want me to be. I have always done for others above my self...above my family. I always do my best to put God and family first...but this year I am also doing for myself. I have a lot of great ideas and stylized shoots I want to do this year so I am going to work hard to stay true to these goals and learn how to say NO. I am not going to overwhelm myself with sessions that aren't meaningful to me, I don't feel passionate for, or don't represent myself as the artist I want to be. I am so so grateful for everyone who has pushed me and supported me this far - I wouldn't take back meeting anyone I have nor the work I have done for them. I would just like to find a balance to work for me...too.

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