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Sunrise Engagement | Philip & Maia

What a beautiful engagement session this was with Philip, Maia, and don't forget little Laikyn! I was so excited to find out they had a daughter named Laikyn, because if you don't already know, my name is Laken! I met this very sweet couple out of Hannibal a few miles, to a beautiful property with gorgeous trees, corn fields, and a pond! What more could you ask for! And Maia looked radiant in her flower crown and flowy, lace dress. The sunrise was not very visible with the early morning clouds, but it still made for a lovely morning. We got a few smiles out of Laikyn, but I know..I'm not a morning person either! The photo of all three of them on the dock - Laikyn gave me a big smile and pose once I mentioned...donuts!! It was so cute and perfect timing! Anyways, the love Philip & Maia have for one another is clearly evident and I had such a great time capturing them together! Take a look for yourself...



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