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*Bridal Show Success* with MVP

I'm glad you're here! *Warning - Longer than normal post haha*

I hope you enjoy viewing our many years of experience participating in local bridal shows with some behind the scenes coverage! It's amazing to see our growth each year. I think a bridal booth definitely improves as your work does too - I'm confident in and proud of my work than ever before so this year I really wanted to showcase a more eloquent, professional booth design, and because we were a sponsor too!! But don't be discouraged or nervous if it's your first year, you CAN do it! Here are 3 tips I would give anyone for Bridal Show Success!

1) Design your booth a head of time. Photoshop a colored wall and place your images on there before printing them. This helps you see which images look best together when larger than normal and where to place them too. You can also mess around with your logo sign or any other decor items, couches, tables, etc. that will allow you to visualize your booth early and keep you sane!

2) Set up early - It's always nice when the show gives you ample time to set up so take advantage of it! Just to make sure everything turns on, looks right, or if you forget something, etc. Setting up can be done the day of, but who needs the extra stress?!

3) Be confident. Again, over the years, I've learned it's so important to be confident in my work and representing my business and brand. When they think of or hear my business name I want them to think of me! You're going to be meeting and taking with so many brides and their friends and family (drink lots of water!!). Have brochures or whatever it is you'd like to present ready, tell them about any show discounts you're doing, be interested in THEIR wedding day - don't act like you just said the same thing 30 times over in the last 10 mins lol, and most fun!!



* Wood Boxes Autumn Wood Work

* Prints Artifact Uprising

* Albums MixBook

* Brochure Cards Ali Taylor Studio


Also FEATURED in Quincy Area Bridal Magazine's February Issue!!

Hard work pays off. Truly blessed...



cell phone shots :)

My swag bag items! DIY Bridal Hair Ties

Building our wall! Framed our TV wall so it would be more sturdy and serve as our center piece. We placed thin boards on top of the frame so it would be easier to cut out a spot for the TV and the adjacent walls were painted doors. My wooden letters were from Hobby win...also our giant gold frame was custom made from there too! Discounted carpet, some shelves from Lowe's, chairs and table from Amazon, more pretty things from Hobby Lobby and that pretty much sums up our booth!

Special thanks to my amazingly talented, awesome, and most handsome husband Derek of course!! :)



Years gone look at past bridal shows! Whoa.....haha







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